Amp Fiddler Biography and Lifestyle – Net worth, Education, family & Cause of Death

Are you curious to learn more about Amp Fiddler biography and life journey? This post provides a meticulous exploration of the singer’s biography and lifestyle, spanning from his birth to the cause of his passing. We cover various aspects, including Amp Fiddler’s family, education, personality, net worth, and the nuances of his career—highlighting both triumphant and challenging moments in the film industry. Delve into his all-time superhit shows and movies, including his last impactful singing performances. For a convenient overview, find a summary of Amp Fiddler’s lifestyle in the table below, complemented by an in-depth exploration of his biography in the post section.

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of the singer Amp Fiddler. Today, we present a comprehensive Amp Fiddler biography. Please read the Amp Fiddler biography in its entirety to explore the life story of this remarkable artist.

Singer Amp Fiddler Biography and Lifestyle

Full NameAmp Fiddler
Other NameJoseph Anthony Fiddler
Date Of BirthMay 17, 1958, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
DiedDecember 17, 2023 at the age of 65
EducationSinger, songwriter, keyboardist, record producer
CountryUnited States
ProfessionSinger, songwriter,keyboardist, record producer
FamilyWife-  NA
Children-  NA
Marital StatusMarried
Home TownDetroit, Michigan, U.S.
Present AddressDetroit, Michigan, U.S.
Total Net WorthApproximately 5-7 Million US dollars.
Amp Fiddler Biography and Lifestyle
Amp Fiddler Biography and Lifestyle
Amp Fiddler Biography and Lifestyle

Songwriter Amp Fiddler Lifestory

Amp Fiddler is a musical talent who was born on May 17, 1958, in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Amp was more than just a moniker; he was a singer, composer, keyboardist, and producer—a true one-man band. His music ranged from funky beats to deep tunes, establishing him as a musical legend.

Amp began studying music at Oakland University while growing up in Detroit. Instead of sticking to textbooks, he embarked on a wild trip in the music scene with Enchantment.

Amp collaborated with legends such as George Clinton, Prince, and others, leaving his imprint on bands such as Enchantment and George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic groups. His musical journey continued with his brother Bubz, and they released the album “With Respect” together in 1990. Amp’s solo debut, “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly,” debuted on March 9, 2004, and his most recent single, “Basementality,” was released in 2021. In 2020, he received the Kresge Artist Fellowship, demonstrating to the world just how amazing he was.

But Amp was more than just a musician; he was also a mentor. He connected J Dilla to the Akai MPC sampling drum machine, creating waves for the young musician. He also introduced J Dilla to Q-Tip, giving the music scene a new face.

Amp was thrown some curveballs by life. Health issues arose in 2022, and he underwent surgery. Detroit has banded together for a major fundraising on December 10, 2023, to help alleviate the strain of medical costs. Unfortunately, Amp Fiddler died on December 17, 2023, at the age of 65.

All Albums: Amp Fiddler

  1. With Respect (1990)
  2. Waltz of a Ghetto Fly (2004) – UK No. 82
  3. Afro Strut (2006) – UK No. 126
  4. Inspiration Information (2008) – with Sly and Robbie
  5. Motor City Booty (2016)
  6. Kindred Live (2017) – with Will Sessions
  7. Amp Dog Knights (2017)
  8. The One (2018) – with Will Sessions

Singles, Maxi-Singles & EPs:

  1. “Basementality” (2002)
  2. “Love and War” (2003)
  3. “Possibilities” (2003)
  4. “I Believe in You” (2003) – UK No. 72
  5. “Dreamin” (2004) – UK No. 71
  6. “Too High” (2004)
  7. “If You Can’t Get Me Off Your Mind” (2004)
  8. “Eye to Eye” (2004)
  9. “Right Where You Are” (2006)
  10. “Ridin’ / Faith” (2006)
  11. “Hope / Dope” (2006)
  12. “If I Don’t” (2007) – featuring Corinne Bailey Rae
  13. “Find My Way” (2007)
  14. “Stay or Move On” (2008)
  15. “Inspiration Information” (2008) – with Sly and Robbie
  16. “Blackhouse (Paint the White House Black)” (2008) – with Sly and Robbie
  17. “Take It” (2014) – featuring Raphael Saadiq
  18. “Basementality 2” (2014)
  19. “Bassmentality 3” (2015)
  20. “Motor City Booty” (2016)
  21. “So Sweet” (2017)
  22. “Lost Without You” (2017) – with Will Sessions
  23. “Reminiscin'” (2017) – with Will Sessions
  24. “Rendezvous” (2017) – with Will Sessions
  25. “Keep Coming” (2019)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Amp Fiddler born?

Amp Fiddler was born on May 17, 1958, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

When did Amp Fiddler pass away?

Amp Fiddler passed away on December 17, 2023 at the age of 65

What was the cause of Amp Fiddler’s death?

Amp Fiddler passed away due to cancer.

What was Amp Fiddler’s profession?

Amp Fiddler’s profession was Singer.

What is the net worth of Amp Fiddler?

Amp Fiddler’s net worth is approximately 5-7 Million US dollars.

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