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With deep sadness, we announce the passing of the ‘Klimbim’ actress Ingrid Steeger. Today, we present a comprehensive Ingrid Steeger biography. So, please read Ingrid Steeger biography in its entirety.

Actress Ingrid Steeger Biography and Lifestyle

Full NameIngrid Steeger
Other NameIngrid Anita Stengert
Date Of Birth1 April 1947, Berlin, Germany
Died22 December 2023, Bad Hersfeld, Hesse, Germany at the age of 76
PersonalityHeight- 5′ 2½″ (1.59 m), Weight- 55 kg (approximately), Hair Color- White, Eye color- Brown
FamilyHusband-  Tom LaBlancAugust 17, 1992 – October 17, 1995 (divorced)
Lothar E. StickelbrucksApril 17, 1973 – 1975 (divorced)
Children-  NA
Marital StatusMarried
Home TownBerlin, Germany
Present AddressBad Hersfeld, Hesse, Germany
Total Net WorthApproximately 5 Million US dollars.
Ingrid Steeger Biography and Lifestyle
Ingrid Steeger Biography and Lifestyle
Ingrid Steeger Biography and Lifestyle

Klimbim Actress Ingrid Steeger Lifestory

Meet Ingrid Steeger, a great lady who made us giggle while also warming our hearts. Ingrid was born on April 1, 1947, in Berlin, and her life was a wonderful tapestry of love and resilience that sadly ended on December 22, 2023, at the age of 76.

Career Success

Ingrid became a TV success in the 1970s with the hilarious comedy show “Klimbim.” Imagine the joy that Ingrid, along with Elisabeth Volkmann and Horst Jüssen, brought to our TVs.

While she originally made us laugh, Ingrid later took on more serious roles, demonstrating her flexibility in the Dieter Wedel-directed TV series “The Great Bellheim” in 1992.

But Ingrid was more than just a TV personality; she was a trailblazer. Ingrid broke barriers as the face of Rolo and Old Spice, becoming one of the first German women to appear in product advertisements. She was more than just an actor; she was a trailblazer.

Personal Life

Ingrid’s personal life was as vibrant as her on-screen personas. Marriages, divorces, and enthralling relationships involving Lothar Elias Stickelbrucks, Tom LaBlanc, Bernd Seebacher, and Dieter Wedel kept us interested and delighted.

Ingrid’s trip from Hamburg to Munich, and finally to Bad Hersfeld in 2020, was a rollercoaster of love and adventure. In 2022, health issues forced her into a nursing home, but her spirit remained unbroken.


  • 1966: Living It Up
  • 1968: The Gorilla of Soho
  • 1969: Die Töchter von Glücksburg: Rat mal, wer heut bei uns schläft…?
  • 1970: Die liebestollen Baronessen
  • 1970: Ich – ein Groupie [de]
  • 1971: The Body in the Thames
  • 1971: Die Sex-Abenteuer der drei Musketiere
  • 1971: The Lustful Turk [de]
  • 1971: The Young Seducers [de]
  • 1971: Ehemänner-Report
  • 1971: Die goldene Banane von Bad Porno
  • 1971: The Swingin’ Stewardesses [de]
  • 1971: Sonne, Sylt und kesse Krabben (Nackte Liebe im heißen Sand)
  • 1972: Bed Hostesses
  • 1972: Lonely Wives [de]
  • 1972: Bettkarriere
  • 1972: The Young Seducers 2
  • 1972: Hochzeitsnacht-Report
  • 1972: Mädchen, die nach München kommen
  • 1972: Massagesalon der jungen Mädchen
  • 1972: Schulmädchen-Report 4 – Was Eltern oft verzweifeln läßt
  • 1972: Nurse Report
  • 1972: The Calendar Girls
  • 1973: Housewives on the Job (Hausfrauenreport international)
  • 1973: Love in 3-D (Liebe in drei Dimensionen)
  • 1973: Der Kommissar (TV series): “Das Komplott”
  • 1973: Schulmädchen-Report 5 – Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten
  • 1973: Junge Mädchen mögens heiß, Hausfrauen noch heißer (Mädchen komm, die Liebe juckt)
  • 1973: Der Liebesmarkt
  • 1974: Ein langer Ritt nach Eden
  • 1973–1979: Klimbim [de] (TV series, 29 episodes)
  • 1974: Three Men in the Snow
  • 1974: Münchner Geschichten [de] (TV series): “Maulhelden”
  • 1975: Derrick (TV series): “Hoffmanns Höllenfahrt”
  • 1978: Zwei himmlische Töchter (TV miniseries)
  • 1980: Susi (TV miniseries, 6 episodes)
  • 1985: Andre Handles Them All
  • 1985: Glücklich geschieden (TV, as voice of Robert Atzorn’s dog)
  • 1986: Warten auf Hugo
  • 1987: Derrick (TV series): “Absoluter Wahnsinn”
  • 1988: Wilder Westen inclusive [de] (TV miniseries)
  • 1990: Der neue Mann [de] (TV series)
  • 1990: Pension Corona (TV series)
  • 1993: The Great Bellheim [de] (TV miniseries)
  • 1995: Zwei alte Hasen (TV series): “Grandhotel”
  • 1995: Corinna (TV series): “Der Quacksalber”
  • 1996: Rosamunde Pilcher – Eine besondere Liebe (TV film)
  • 1996: Großstadtrevier (TV series): “Der blonde Engel”
  • 1999–2001: Freunde fürs Leben (TV series, 12 episodes)
  • 1999: Die blaue Kanone (TV film)
  • 1999: Ein Fall für zwei (TV series): “Blutige Noten”
  • 2000: Paul Is Dead [de]
  • 2003: Die Anrheiner (TV series): “Beste Freunde”
  • 2000: SOKO 5113 (TV series): “Leichte Beute”
  • 2002: Klinikum Berlin Mitte (TV series): “Die grüne Fee”
  • 2002: Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (TV series, 2 episodes)
  • 2003: Bewegte Männer (TV series): “Die Nacht vor der Hochzeit”
  • 2004: Edel & Starck (TV series): “Eine Landpartie”
  • 2004: Unser Charly (TV series): “Charly und die Zebrafrau”
  • 2004: Crazy Race 2 – Warum die Mauer wirklich fiel [de] (TV film)
  • 2006: Goldene Zeiten

Awards own By Ingrid Steeger

  • 1975: Bravo Otto in Bronze for TV Star
  • 1976: Bravo Otto in Silver
  • 1976: Goldene Kamera by TV magazine Hörzu
  • 1977: Bravo Otto in Silver
  • 1978: Bravo Otto in Gold
  • 1990: Bambi

As we say farewell to Ingrid Steeger today, let us remember the fun she shared, the love she accepted, and the great lady she was. Her legacy lives on through every smile she made and every heart she touched.

This was the Ingrid Steeger Biography, offering a comprehensive exploration of his life and distinctive lifestyle. Designed to provide a thorough insight into Ingrid Steeger’s story, this narrative invites you to share this captivating Ingrid Steeger Biography with your friends and family if it intrigues you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Ingrid Steeger born?

Ingrid Steeger was born on 1 April 1947, Berlin, Germany

When did Ingrid Steeger pass away?

Ingrid Steeger passed away on 22 December 2023, Bad Hersfeld, Hesse, Germany at the age of 76

What was the cause of Ingrid Steeger’s death?

Ingrid Steeger died after a battle against intestinal obstruction.

What was Ingrid Steeger’s profession?

Ingrid Steeger’s profession was Actress.

What is the net worth of Ingrid Steeger?

Ingrid Steeger’s net worth is approximately 5 Million dollars.

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